• The author, Tim Niemeyer, is an elementary school teacher and Bitcoin enthusiast.
• He has observed how the coercive fiat monetary system incentivizes less-than-optimal decision making and substandard relational habits.
• He believes that Bitcoin can help to fix these issues by providing sound money that is not controlled by those in power with their own agendas.

The Impact of Fiat Money on Decision Making

I’m a teacher by day and a rabid Bitcoiner by night. I currently teach elementary music, and I truly love my job. It’s similar to being the co-host of Lincolnland Bitcoin in that I get to share my passions (music and Bitcoin) while potentially helping others develop a deeper appreciation for and better understanding of each. Appreciating Bitcoin has also given me a unique perspective in my work as a teacher, and I wanted to share some of observations I’ve made in almost two decades of being an educator about how our coercive fiat monetary system incentivizes less-than-optimal decision making and substandard relational habits… and maybe a little about how Bitcoin fixes this.

Helicopter Parents

One observation I’ve noticed in the past few decades is the emergence of helicopter parents. WebMD lists the following signs of helicopter parenting: they fight their child’s battles, do their schoolwork, coach their coaches, keep their kids on a short leash, are a maid in their own house, play it too safe and can’t let their kids fail. These behaviours are usually fueled by living under a fiat system which allows humans to impose their morals onto said money supply; encouraging high time preference actions due to inflation stealing time and efforts from people who may not see the benefits of sound money that’s not controlled by those in power with their own agendas.

Lack Of Educational Equity

In addition to helicopter parenting, inequality within educational systems is another issue caused by our current monetary system. Inflation causes prices across all goods services including tuition costs for higher education institutions to rise faster than wage growth; meaning those who don’t have access wealth or savings tend to have fewer options when it comes to furthering education beyond basic schooling levels — creating an artificial divide between those who can afford higher education versus those who cannot access such opportunities due solely financial means or lack thereof. Furthermore government subsidies rarely address underlying root causes such as inequity because they’re unable or unwilling to challenge existing power dynamics that have been established over generations through fiat currency manipulation which makes them inherently biased towards perpetuating the status quo rather than challenging it through real solutions like sound money principles found through bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency).

Benefits Of Sound Money

Bitcoin solves many issues related to our current monetary system such as inflationary pressures leading people into bad decisions like taking out loans or buying things they can’t afford just to keep up with rising prices — something that isn’t possible with bitcoin since its supply is fixed at 21 million coins making it immune from outside manipulation thus allowing people make more informed economic decisions without worrying about devaluation caused by inflationary pressures imposed upon traditional currencies . Additionally decentralization removes single points of failure which could be exploited for fraudulent activities like counterfeiting (unlike traditional banking). This provides greater stability within financial markets since users won’t be forced into taking drastic measures during times uncertainty due certainty provided via immutable ledger technology underpinning bitcoin transactions across its distributed network participants acting as validators verifying accuracy validity all transactions before added permanent record stored inside blockchain itself .


Ultimately using bitcoin gives us control over our own finances while removing need trust centralized authorities whom may act against best interests individuals even entire populations; something we must remain vigilant against if want ensure future generations aren’t exposed same kind systemic abuse suffered so far under current broken financial systems driven purely profit motive rather than benefit society whole .

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