• TBD, a Bitcoin-focused subsidiary of Block, has announced a new Lightning Network business called c=.
• The purpose of the company is to provide infrastructure using bitcoin to make Bitcoin’s Lightning Network more usable and reliable for developers, businesses and end consumers.
• c= will offer liquidity, collaboration with developers, APIs and services to node operators via its Liquidity Service Provider (LSP).

TBD Announces New Lightning Network Business

TBD, a Bitcoin-focused subsidiary of Block (formerly known as Square) has announced a new business focused on the Lightning Network called c=. The purpose of this business is to provide infrastructure using bitcoin from Block’s treasury in order to make the Lightning Network more accessible and reliable for developers, businesses, and their customers.

The Benefits Of Using C=

Operating an active node on the Lighting Network requires having adequate connections and liquidity in order to have successful transactions; c= provides these necessary components by committing bitcoin from its treasury so that businesses can make their lightning transactions more secure. Moreover, c= will also be offering liquidity service providers (LSPs) which would enable individuals or entities running lightning nodes to send/receive payments with minimal effort or investments without needing an intermediary for custody their bitcoins. In addition, it will collaborate with developers in order to provide efficient routing and liquidity APIs & services.

The Mission Of TBD

When Square was renamed into Block back in 2022 Mike Brock explained how “TBD’s mission is to bridge the old to the new…We are building a new open source company from the ground up focused on open protocols and open standards that all participants in the economy can benefit from”. Since then TBD has been exploring various capacities such as decentralized identifiers (DID), decentralized web nodes etc related with Bitcoin-based decentralized web services . And now with this entrance into Bitcoin’s second layer scaling protocol TBD will have major presence in Lightning Infrastructure..

Nick Slaney Comments On The Launch Of C=

Nick Slaney who leads at c= commented about this launch saying “The Lightning Network is the future of bitcoin transactions but it’s still new so it can be hard sometimes getting liquidity where you need it for sending/receiving your payments” He further added “We’re excited to use our Bitcoin treasury contribution towards growing both our network & company simultaneously”


By launching its new business –c=– TBD aims at providing necessary infrastructure & solutions related with lightning network that would help businesses & wallets utilize it efficiently while making sure their funds remain safe & secure. This move by TBD showcases how serious they are about bridging between old & new technologies through leveraging blockchain technology like Bitcoin.

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